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7 Japanese People Who Succeeded in Becoming Artists in Indonesia

These Japanese people managed to become artists and famous in Indonesia. Some of them even lived in Indonesia for a long time! Sometimes a person has to travel very far in order to reach the top of a career, and that is what a number of artists do.

Not only Indonesians who have successfully become artists abroad, there are also several Japanese nationalities who have become famous for their careers in Indonesia.

Although not all of them started their fame in Indonesia, it cannot be denied that the public reception to them was so warm, making their careers even higher.

Not only to earn money, many of them eventually fell in love with Indonesia and were determined to live in the country. Wow, who are you?

Haruka nakagawa

1. Haruka Nakagawa (仲川遥香)

One of the Japanese who has succeeded in becoming an Indonesian hit artist is of course Haruka Nakagawa whose name skyrocketed through his career as a member of JKT48 after being transferred from AKB48.

On December 30, 2016, he graduated from JKT48 with the title "JKT48 Senior Member" and since then has pursued a solo career as an artist while remaining under JKT48 management.

Haruka had starred in the soap opera Bima Satria Garuda and now often performs on various television shows.

Rena nozawa

2. Rena Nozawa (­野澤玲奈)

A former JKT48 member who is equally famous in Indonesia is Rena Nozawa. Just like Haruka, he is a member of AKB48 who transferred to JKT48.

His face had graced various product advertisements on television such as Pocari Sweat, Rakuten, Laurier, Yamaha, and Sharp.

In 2011, Rena's Japanese parents lived in Jakarta, but now she and her family have returned to Japan.

Kenta yamaguchi

3. The Three

The comedy group, which is famous for its single "No-Nothing" (Tidak apa-apa), is fronted by 3 men from Japan, namely Kenta Yamaguchi, Keitaro Ura, and Daisuke Hamada.

The song and video clip of The Three went viral and catapulted the names of the three, even though now only Kenta is still on television.

According to Daisuke in a talkshow, this was because Kenta seemed to have forgotten him and Keitaro by taking jobs for himself.

Nobuyuki suzuki

4. Nobuyuki Suzuki (鈴木伸之)

Nobuyuki Suzuki is a Tokyo-born actor who has lived in Indonesia since 1990.

He is famous for his role in the series International Class and the film Soegija. Nobuyuki's acting is also supported by his fluency in speaking in Indonesian.

Not only a career, Nobuyuki has also been educated at the Bandung Indonesian Art and Culture Institute and the Jakarta Arts Institute, you know.

Hiroaki kato

5. Hiroaki Kato (加藤ひろあき)

The man who is on the YouTube channel through various covers of this song is a singer and songwriter.

Hiroaki Kato first fell in love with Indonesia when he read the beautiful works of Indonesian writers.

This love was manifested by solidifying his heart to settle down in Indonesia and at the same time marrying his beloved Arina Ephipania, the vocalist of the band Mocca.

Yuki sasou

6. Yuki Sasou (佐生雪)

This Japanese national virgin has also been a Pocari Sweat commercial star. He had competed acting with rich actor Baim Wong in a web series entitled HOURS.

Even though he has returned to Japan, Yuki Sasou's charm still has a special place in the hearts of the Indonesian people, especially with his beautiful appearance.

Now, this woman who has Iranian blood remains active in the entertainment world in her homeland.

Hiromitsu harada

7. Hiromitsu Harada (原田シェフ)

Unlike the others, Hiromitsu Harada is known to the public through the cooking show Fun Cooking on Trans TV and Kungfu Chef on Global TV.

The man who is familiarly called Chef Harada is loved by the Indonesian people thanks to his friendly and funny personality. He also became a convert to Islam after moving to Indonesia.

Unfortunately, the public can no longer watch it on television because the chef passed away on March 19, 2018.