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5 Mysteries of the Hollow Earth in Godzilla vs. Kong if there really is

Mysteries of the Hollow Earth in Godzilla vs. Kong
Godzilla vs. Kong managed to get some people back to the cinema. The latest film from MonsterVerse, which is thrilling and full of fantasy, has stunning scenes, especially during the battle between Godzilla and Kong.

Well, one of the most interesting mysteries in this film is the discovery of the Hollow Earth. The world is in the bowels of the Earth and presents a life like on Earth with a concept like the film Upside Down (2012). It is interesting to see that there is another world in the bowels of the Earth which turns out to be where Kong and Kaiju live.

Even though it is fiction, it still raises several mysteries that might make the audience curious about the Hollow Earth in the Godzilla vs. Kong as below.

1. How far to the Hollow Earth?

In the film Godzilla vs. Kong, there is a scene when Kong is brought into the Hollow Earth, a world that is considered the home of the giant primate. Well, the entrance to this Hollow Earth is at the North Pole.

Kong and the scientists plunged freely into a world that seemed untouched. If there really is a Hollow Earth, how deep is it? How long will it take into that world?

2. What lights up the Hollow Earth?

For those of us who live on the surface of the Earth, every day sunlight shines on some of the surface. The light makes it time from morning to evening. Sunlight also allows us to see clearly.

Now, if there is a life in the bowels of the Earth, it is enough to invite questions. Where does the light shining on the Hollow Earth come from? Remember, the sun does not penetrate into the bowels of the Earth. In fact, James Cameron's expedition into the Mariana Trench has also been proof that sunlight has not managed to penetrate there. So maybe the question sticks out in a lot of audience's heads.

3. How can flora and fauna grow?

Still connected with the first point. The sun does give life to creatures on earth. This sunlight will make plants able to live and even photosynthesize. Well, in Hollow Earth, we can see the flora and fauna that grow there.

The question is, if there is no sun, how can flora and fauna grow there? The simplest answer, perhaps, is that the tree that grows in the cavity of the Earth is indeed a new species of plant that does not need sunlight to thrive.

4. Are there humans in the Hollow Earth?

It's not just the flat Earth that has a huge following. It turns out, Hollow Earth also has followers, In the real world, there are people who believe in it. While in the film, there are people who believe it, like professor Nathan Lind.

Well, maybe after watching the film Godzilla vs. Kong, there are also viewers who have a similar question: is there also a human in Hollow Earth? Given, it is said that there are many animals and plants that can live. So perhaps humans could survive there too.

5. How can Nathan Lind and friends breathe in the Hollow Earth?

Did you also think about watching Godzilla vs. Kong how do humans breathe in the Hollow Earth? Like Dr. Nathan Lind, Dr. Ilene, Jia and others there. Is there air on Earth? Does the photosynthesis of plants in the Hollow Earth produce oxygen? Although fictional, this mystery is quite intriguing to see if humans can breathe in the plains near the Earth's core.

What is clear, the film Godzilla vs. Kong was quite successful in presenting tension and of course managed to entertain the audience with the action of these two interesting titans. So, apart from some of the questions about the Hollow Earth above, is there anything strange that makes you also overthink about the civilization under Earth that we stand on?