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5 Old City Travel Destinations in Indonesia, Which Is Your Favorite?

As a former Dutch colony, Indonesia has a number of old town areas with colonial heritage buildings. The area is now a historical tourist attraction.

Old and ancient buildings attract tourists. Not only because of its unique architecture, but the building has its own story and history that is interesting to learn.

Indonesia has a lot of locations with oldies, vintage and retro nuances that give it an unusual atmosphere.

Here are five old urban areas in Indonesia that are often targeted by tourists.

Old city of Jakarta

1. Old City of Jakarta

Old city of Jakarta area is one of the favorite tourist destinations for residents of the Capital City and its surroundings on weekends or holidays. Here can see a row of ancient buildings or buildings from the history of Batavia which have become a separate icon in the area. Starting from the Fatahillah Museum, the Bank Indonesia Museum, to the Kota Intan Bridge.

Old city of Jakarta is a tourist destination to get to know more about the history of Jakarta in the past. The area also offers instagramable photo spots with retro and oldies nuances.

The Old Town is so alive at night. Many hawkers selling around this. Not to mention that various games are also performed by street artists.

Old city of Yogyakarta

2. Old City of Yogyakarta

In Yogyakarta you can find many buildings with vintage nuances, a combination of old Javanese concepts and European styles. Located in the center of Yogya City, precisely on Jenderal Sudirman street to Zero Kilometer Point, in this area you can see and find many interesting historical buildings to visit.

Buildings with vintage and old nuances include the Bank Indonesia building, the Indonesian Post Office, BNI Bank and even the Agung Building. The buildings are very exotic and instagramable.

Meanwhile, in the Kota Gede Yogya area, you will find buildings with vintage styles that have maintained their authenticity until now. The Kota Gede area is known for its many residential buildings that still maintain the old Javanese traditional style.

Old city of Semarang

3. Old City of Semarang

The old city of Semarang area is located not far from the intersection of five which is the icon of the capital city of Central Java. Many antique old buildings make us amazed and amazed when visiting here.

One of the buildings that has become a landmark of the Kota Lama Semarang area is the Blenduk Church, a church building with a round dome like a mosque and a building style resembling Lawang Sewu.

There are also many buildings with classic and vintage nuances scattered in various locations in the Kota Lama Area. These buildings still stand firmly with a white dominance that is still maintained today.

You can easily find a vintage cafe and a souvenir center in the area.

Old city of Bandung

4. Old City of Bandung

The city of Bandung also does not miss having an interesting old town to visit. For those of you who want to enjoy the old city area of ​​Bandung, come to the location on Asia Africa street and the Braga area.

There you will find many buildings with vintage and retro nuances that can be used as instagramable photo spots. The building in the area of ​​Asia Africa street and Braga Bandung has a building with a typical European art deco style that is sturdy and still well preserved.

There you will also find many cafes, shops and shopping centers. Not to forget that in this area, there are various culinary places that are delicious to fill your stomach after getting tired of exploring the old city of Bandung.

Old city of Surabaya

5. Old City of Surabaya

Dubbed the City of Heroes, of course Surabaya has old buildings from the Dutch colonialism that still exist today. There are many old buildings that look shabby but more aesthetic to be used as an Instagramable hunting location.

The area of ​​hero monument and red bridge Surabaya is part of an area with retro, old school and vintage style buildings that feel the nuances of the old city in Surabaya.

In the same location, there are also many buildings and houses for residents that still characterize the old, sturdy buildings with old school interiors.

Veteran street Surabaya is also a tourist area and tourist spot filled with historical buildings that are still well maintained today. The Surabaya City Government itself protects these buildings to be used as cultural heritage.