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The Importance of Applying Ethics in Using Social Media

Applying Ethics in Using Social Media
In this increasingly advanced era, we cannot escape social media, especially the younger generation. There are many social media platforms that we use, for example, such as Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, and so on.

Talking about social media and the various platforms used, it has features including uploading photos, videos, posts, and comment fields. On the social media platform, we will find a lot of content uploaded by social media users, be it information about politics, economy, culture, entertainment and so on.

In using social media, of course we find positive and negative content, the contents of the comments column also contain various comments. We as social media users must also be careful in responding to other people's comments in order to avoid throwing unhealthy arguments to each other, and think about it before giving an opinion on social media so as not to cause problems for us in the future.

In using social media, what we do in it is the responsibility of each of us. Photos or videos that we upload, comments that we make, if it causes problems with other people, then we are obliged to take responsibility and resolve the problem properly so as not to cause even more serious problems.

Here are some things we should avoid using social media:

1. Putting others down physically

Avoid uploading posts or making comments that are meant to demean someone else's physique. We have to take care of other people's feelings when arguing, because sometimes there are some people who get offended when they are physically humiliated and of course that is a bad act.

2. Making a fuss with a group

Avoid making a fuss with a group, as this can cause big problems and carry over to the real world, for example brawls between groups. Starting from a dispute on social media, then continuing into the real world with brawls between the two parties, something that is detrimental isn't it?.

3. Spread false information

The rise of false information disseminated on social media makes us have to really research a news before we believe the news. Do not let us easily believe the false information and even share the information again, because when we fall for the false information, then we will easily be pitted against one another by irresponsible parties.

We as social media users must really understand good ethics in using social media. We have to learn and understand that so that we don't fall into bad deeds and harm ourselves. Create a healthy social media environment for the creation of a good and useful quality of society.

Start improving ourselves to be better than before. From us, for others. Starting with us, for the good of everyone. That's all from me, I hope what I convey is useful for all of us, I thank you.