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Wearing Black Clothes Feels Hotter? This is the scientific explanation behind it

Black clothes
It has long been believed that black clothes are hotter when worn in the sun than white. Even though it's not always, you know! White clothes can be hotter than black clothes even though the garment materials used are exactly the same. There is a scientific explanation about that

1. Yes, black clothes heat up faster than white (bright) clothes in the sun

But the theory is not as simple as we think. Because it depends on wind conditions and whether the clothes fit your body. The tight white shirt will heat up faster than the loose black shirt.

2. The white shirt also reflects back the heat released from your sweaty warm body, so you will feel even hotter

White clothes not only reflect heat from the sun, but also heat from within your body. So that the stifling feeling is more difficult to get out of your body. While black clothes will absorb your body heat, although it also absorbs the heat of the sun.

3. A loose black shirt is great when the outdoor wind is light (faster than 10 kmph)

The heat from inside your body will quickly be absorbed by the black clothes, while the heat from the air and sunlight will quickly be carried away by the wind (convective cooling method).

4. Ultraviolet (UV) radiation enters white clothes more easily than black clothes

A white shirt has an SPF of around 7. But when it starts getting a little wet (for example due to sweat), the SPF drops to around 3, according to research from the Skin Cancer Foundation. This conclusion is also derived from biological research on birds. Black birds get less heat than pale birds in hot weather. They are also better protected from UV rays.

5. Many inhabitants around the desert since ancient times such as Bedouins and Tuaregs wear black robes

They also use a black tent. All by using the characteristic excess black color that absorbs heat adjusted to the speed of the wind that is blowing. This has been done for centuries.

6. If there is no wind (or speed is less than 10 kmph) then a white (or bright) shirt is the best choice

Because white clothes are the best option in reflecting all the sunlight because there is no strong wind.

So, before you think about throwing away your collection of black clothes, pants, shoes or all forms of clothing, it's a good idea to feel for yourself the advantages of black.

Don't be afraid to mix and match your clothes again, especially consider black when you are going to do outdoor events.

Already, ditch all your judgments about black clothes and start using black as much as possible. Because those black clothes will always be hits anytime!