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This is the reason why you look attractive in the mirror, but ugly in photos

why are we bad at taking pictures
Have you ever felt that you were quite handsome/beautiful when you looked at yourself in the mirror, but felt disappointed with the photo you just took. Finally you have to do the photo many times, until you get the one you think fits.

Yes, you are not alone, even people who you feel are very, very good looking also experience it. And it turns out to be a natural thing, you know, because it can be explained scientifically.

The problem is why do we look more handsome/beautiful in the mirror? Is it really like that? Reported from various sources, read more here, to know more!

1. Camera distortion rearranges the proportions of your appearance

There comes a time when you realize that your forehead or nose looks bigger in a photo than it really is. Yes, your eyes are not wrong, because it is the effect of camera distortion, especially the camera for selfies. Some photographers state that 90 percent of their clients are more satisfied when their photos are rotated horizontally like a mirror.

Reporting from photofeeler, the main cause of camera distortion is the object of the photo is too close to the lens. Many expert photographers argue that the type of lens used is also very influential. For example, a wide angle lens like the one on our cell phone camera clearly makes everything bigger.

2. Changing from 3D to 2D creates an optical illusion, while your brain works like Photoshop

Our eyes (with the help of our brains) automatically adapt themselves according to the level of darkness and light around them. Our camera is not that advanced. The camera can be set to focus on highlights or shadows, but not both at the same time.

As a result, we get photos that are too dark, or too white to light up almost evenly. But don't worry, your original version doesn't look like the one on the camera.

Reporting from escapistmagazine, in real life, our vision automatically focuses on certain objects and gets rid of other objects that are less important by itself, for example when we look at other people or our own faces in the mirror. Meanwhile, the photo captures everything that is visible on the lens so that the focus of your vision can be distracted by other objects. Given that the size of the photo is smaller than the original object.

3. Movement really has an effect on a person's appearance, but not so on photos

Photos are static, but humans are not. Because we are moving all the time, the way our faces move is an important perception of a person in identifying their facial features.

A full or full smile that is caught on camera, will obviously be considered not as attractive as the whole friendly smile movement that you see in the mirror. Losing the aspect of movement in this photo is everything.

Furthermore, people tend to show strange expressions in photos that hardly anyone is aware of in their daily life. That's because we remember the cumulative average of facial expressions rather than each specific movement. Sometimes we will get photos that are very ugly than we should look.

4. Attractive and photogenic are two different things, just because you are attractive doesn't mean you are photogenic, and vice versa

A person can look in a photo much different from their actual appearance. Of course, that is the result of the intervention of various factors supporting the photo, for example: lighting, pose, angle/angle of taking pictures and so on.

To be photogenic, it takes practice and experience, although in some cases it can come naturally. Reported from, people who in everyday life are considered less attractive, can become photogenic with the experiences and trials they continue to do.

So, it's only natural that you look more handsome in the mirror than in the photos. You are more handsome/beautiful as a whole person, with all the movements and sincere expressions you make.

Therefore, you don't have to think too much about how you look in photos or social media, because it's you that really matters the most.