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Fishing, An Activity That Has Been Around Since The Age Of Ancestors

Have you ever fished? Or is there someone who likes fishing like me? Eh, not fishing for fuss, but fishing for fish. Usually done in the sea, lake, river, swamp, ditch, irrigation, pond or puddle. For some people, especially young people today, fishing is considered eccentric and even old-fashioned, because the majority of anglers are bapack-bapack. In addition, fishing is also considered a boring activity. Even though fishing is an exciting activity that is full of positive benefits. Okay, instead of a lot of small talk going stale, let's just start talking about it.

Brief Discussion

Fishing is an activity to catch fish with various techniques and specific goals. Usually, fishing is done by fishermen as a job. but sometimes there are some people who make fishing as a mere hobby, and sometimes there are also those who make fishing as a sport.

Fishing History

History says fishing has existed since the time of the ancestors about tens of thousands of years ago. This activity is one of the effective ways to catch fish. This method is used in almost all parts of the world. Because of the large amount of evidence in the form of relics of reliefs, ancient paintings, and ancient fishing tools scattered almost all over the world. According to archaeologists too, fishing has been around for 10,000 years. This is evidenced by the discovery of fossil fish bones, hooks and drawings on old walls in Europe. Then in the Neolithic Age (4,000-8,000 years ago), fishing techniques have been developed to become more and more modern. Until now, there are many ways or techniques in fishing.

Fishing Developments in the world

In ancient times around the 5th century AD, people fished using thread or silk tied to wood or bamboo. Then the needle is used as the hook. Over time, both techniques and tools for fishing developed very rapidly. Mercedes Auguartinus is the originator of the first modern fishing equipment until it continues to grow until now. Then in the 18th century, the development of fishing tools became more efficient and modern, such as strong and small hooks made of steel, fiber rods that have strong and flexible properties, very strong fishing line, then the use of sophisticated reels that began to spread the appearance of the toy hook (Lure). During World War I and II, fishing was a mainstay activity for soldiers in their spare time. Because according to them, fishing is the most effective stress-relieving activity. Then soldiers from all over the world began to spread this good habit among people who were not very familiar with this activity.

Fishing Destinations

Fishing is of course done to get fish. Usually fishing is done by fishermen as a job done to make a living. But for some people fishing is used as a very popular hobby. Because the benefits of fishing are many, including being able to relieve stress, stimulate adrenaline, have many friends, and much more.

Fishing is also used as a competition event by some people. Whether it's official or between groups wkwk. Official here means, this competition is sponsored by the government. While between groups is a fishing competition among small groups such as between villages or in fishing ponds. The prizes also vary. It can be catch, cash, etc.

Fishing Tools

The tools used for fishing are generally only 3 important components. Namely fishing rod, thread and hook. But did you know that the tools for fishing are very diverse. These tools consist of: Reel, Rod, Hook, Kenur, Buoy, Swivel, Snap, Tin, Stopper, Fishing Bell, etc.

Fishing Techniques

Fishing is not just fishing. It's not just fishing with direct bait you can get fish, isn't it boyyy.. Unfortunately it's not that easy, unless you're fishing in people's ponds lol. In fishing, the technique is also diverse. Some techniques in fishing such as: Basis, Buoys, Casting, Fly Fishing, Popping, Jigging, Hand Lining.

Fishing Benefits

Fishing has a myriad of positive benefits, Some examples that I can summarize are: Relieve stress, Fill spare time, Get fish and can be used as food, practice patience, increase insight and social circle, can love nature and the surrounding environment more, and be able to improve mood and mentally.