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Should the UN be Called a Peacekeeping Organization?

United Nations peacekeeper
Hello all! How are you guys? I hope you are always healthy and stay motivated for today's activities! Today, we will talk about the United Nations.

It has been 76 years since the United Nations was established to address world problems such as conflicts, disasters, and extraordinary criminal events. But there are several criticisms behind the success of the UN, ranging from the existence of "standard bias" in certain cases that lead to UN neutrality, the existence of permanent members of the UN Security Council who are considered to have created an oligarchy of power that controls the direction of UN policies, including the veto power According to many parties, it is often used for the benefit of certain groups, to the point of inconvenience to member states who think that the UN is too far beyond its authority by interfering in the internal affairs of a sovereign state.

For example in the case of the Korean Peninsula, which began in the post-World War II power struggle between the United States and the Soviet Union, creating the Korean War which is technically still ongoing today, because there is no peace treaty, but only a ceasefire agreement which North Korea has recently canceled. so that at any time war can happen again suddenly. Until now, there is no clear and permanent solution from the United Nations, in fact this institution tends to side with the United States Bloc with its allies and continuously pressures North Korea with various sanctions. Although several peace talks were held, they always ended in a stalemate because the UN was unable to maintain the image of its neutral institution so that North Korea was reluctant to negotiate if facilitated by the UN, because they considered the UN to be controlled by the United States, which incidentally is an enemy of North Korea.

As for the Israeli-Palestinian case, once again the UN did not show a clear form of intervention in creating peace in the form of a truly permanent solution that both parties obeyed. The UN Security Council has actually issued several resolutions related to this issue, oddly enough, the UN cannot pressure both Israel and Palestine to comply with the resolution, the UN seems to have allowed these two countries to continue in conflict, there have been several wars, expulsion of Palestinians from their lands until the existence of the Intifada' which reflects the despair of the Palestinian population over Israeli pressure.

The United Nations also seemed helpless during the Soviet Union's invasion of Afghanistan, until after the Soviet Union collapsed and Afghanistan was controlled by the Taliban, instead of the United States carrying out an invasion that was able to overthrow the Taliban from power, not all of them got to the roots. In addition, the United States and its allies' invasions of Iraq, Libya and most recently in Syria did not appear to have received a clear touch of intervention from the United Nations.

Likewise with Russia which invaded Syria and Crimea which resulted in the UN being unable to do anything. And there are still many problems that must be faced by the UN.

This institution actually followed several superpower countries such as the US, Russia, and China. Whereas as an international institution that maintains peace, the UN should be neutral and place its position between the conflicting parties, not side with one of them.

Well! In your opinion, as a wise netizen, does the UN deserve to be called a Peacekeeping Organization? Please comment yes!