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7 Genres of Adult Films That Are Out of Mind

Sora aoi
Adult films often dive into the darkest thoughts of humans and turn them into ideas that you never imagined before.

Talking about adult films, means talking about various sexual preferences, maybe even beyond human reason and ethical norms. Adult films become a space where all the possibilities of sex are realized. It's all for the sake of satisfying the desires of the audience who want to get out of the 'real world' and realize the fantasy that only exists in their darkest minds.

Among the various genres of adult films, there are several, here, that might make you frown, shake your head, and even throw up if you think about it. Well, did you know that these genres exist? Let's have an adventure through this article.

1. Geronto-Porn or Grannies

Geronto (in Japanese Adult Videos aka JAV) or grannies is a genre that carries the theme of elderly women/men. Usually, the male character becomes an elderly john who fucks a young girl, meanwhile, the co-star becomes a mature woman who gets fucked.

Grannies are usually made to satisfy men who often imagine having sex with young women. It could be an older woman who wants to feel confident in her sensuality, or a young man's dream of a "sexy teacher" or a "sexy friend mom" in his teens.

2. Incest

Adult films with the incestuous genre, as often shown by Pure Taboo Official, are blue films that show father-son sex, brother and sister, mother and child, and so on. Fake incest films do look disgusting, they can even be bad for some people.

However, there are viewers who enjoy this taboo sensation when watching this film. Moreover, if the female character looks helpless, but then wants to have an incestuous relationship with her brother or father. There is a lot of controversy that accompanies this genre because it is considered to teach inhuman things.

3. Interview or Investigation

Have you ever seen the joke about the black sofa? Yes, the sofa is often used in adult films with the interview genre, Backroom Casting Couch. The story is, the women were interviewed for the modeling profession, but in the end they were offered a photo or pornographic video job with sex and foreplay as one type of test.

Apart from interviews, there is also the concept of an investigation in which women are investigated by the mall security guard/police for the crimes they have committed, then asked to take off their clothes and have sex as a 'peace agreement'.

4. Scatology or Sukatoro

This is, here, the genre of adult films that may be blasphemed more and make people vomit more than they are liked. Yep, the scatology or sukatoro genre is a genre where porn videos involve activities such as urinating/defecation. In extreme conditions, even the excrement of a character in a movie can get into the mouth of a sex partner!

Yep, this is not the kind of film that is easily accepted and can even traumatize most viewers. Can you imagine, no, what kind of smell can be smelled on the set? In addition, sex that involves urine or feces is completely unhealthy and not worth practicing, even with a legal partner, you know!

5. Beastiality

Like the scatology genre, beastiality is also a genre that is not at all recommended for mental and physical health. Beastiality involves sex between humans and animals like horses, for example. Indeed, there are audiences who have a fondness for this genre, and in fact this is a fetish that should be of particular concern.

6. Bukakke or Creampie

Among the strange genres, this is the most widely used in making JAV. Bukakke or creampie involves intense ejaculation of a man onto a woman's face or body (which is why in English, it is called creampie, referring to sperm that resembles the 'cream' in a pie). Often, mass Bukakke involves more than one man and leads to gangbang activity.


An acronym for Clothed Male Naked Female, adult films with this genre try to excite certain audience groups by using the concept of naked women among clothed men.

Usually, these women were stripped naked, or sometimes stripped themselves to satisfy the men. This genre is closely related to the concept of rape and harassment, and not everyone can accept it, especially women.

In addition to CMNF, there is also the CFMN (clothed female naked male) genre in which the male is naked among the clothed women. This genre is also often combined with BDSM themes, such as wanting to realize a fantasy about a bachelorette party. However, there are fewer of these genres than CMNF.

There are always strange genres beyond reason and norms presented by various adult film production houses. Everything is staged alias acting alone. However, imagine, if you regularly see these strange genres, you will automatically think of it as normal and can find satisfaction in the real world through these strange practices. Very scary, right?

Well, basically, everyone should limit themselves to not being addicted to watching adult films, especially those with strange and dangerous genres.