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Bad Impact If Someone Masturbates Too Often

Excessive masturbation
How are you today? May you always be healthy. In this quick literacy, I will discuss the impact when someone masturbates frequently. What is masturbation? What are the effects if it is done frequently? Come on, see the following explanation!

Definition of Masturbation

Masturbation is a self-stimulating sexual behavior with or without aids. Masturbation can be done by anyone who has experienced puberty, both women and men. In men, masturbation is usually done by giving stimulation to the genitals, and ends with the process of releasing sperm (ejaculation).

There are many reasons why someone masturbates. Generally, masturbation is done to get sexual satisfaction. However, there is also someone who makes masturbation as an outlet for stress.

Impact When Someone Masturbates Too Often

Although beneficial for health, too often masturbation can also have a bad impact on health.

Here are some bad effects if someone masturbates too often:
  • Tired easily
  • Can cause addiction
  • Loss of interest in daily activities
  • Difficult to concentrate
  • Can trigger premature ejaculation during sexual intercourse with a partner
  • Can interfere with blood circulation so that the erection becomes weak, and
  • Skin irritation. (Although classified as 'Safe Sex', the frequency of masturbation that is done roughly can trigger irritation of the genital skin).
  • Sexual dysfunction. (Too often masturbating can also cause sexual dysfunction. Someone who has sexual dysfunction will feel a loss of sexual desire or satisfaction when having sex. This is certainly bad for someone who already has a partner because it can disrupt harmony with a partner).

How to Overcome Excessive Masturbation

Here are some tips for dealing with excessive masturbation:
  • Reduce the frequency of masturbation
  • Start controlling yourself
  • Adequate and regular exercise
  • Avoid things that can trigger masturbation, such as pornography
  • Stay active in daily activities
  • Divert attention by doing hobbies, such as reading books, playing music, and others
  • Don't be alone too often
  • Make time for others, and
  • If the above method is not effective enough, please check with a doctor.

So that's it, yes, masturbation is okay, but don't be too frequent because it can cause addiction.