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10 Interesting Facts about Swimming

Swimming is one of the aquatic sports
Good afternoon friends, during the day like this, does anyone want to swim or not? Besides being able to be done at any time, swimming also has many benefits.

Swimming is one of the aquatic sports. In swimming, we are required to float or lift the body by moving the limbs based on a certain force to stay above the water surface.

Swimming is often done without equipment or assistance. So, in swimming more use of the limbs, especially the hands and feet to move or float in the water.

Here are 10 interesting facts about swimming.

1. Increase Muscle Strength

One way to increase muscle mass is swimming. Compared to other aerobic exercises, swimming is one of the best for increasing muscle strength. This is because the feet and hands when swimming will receive a heavy load so that the benefits for increasing muscle strength are also very large.

2. Relieves Arthritis

For those who have problems with posture, especially on the back, swimming can overcome this. Muscles will experience strengthening from constant motor movements by the hands or feet while swimming.

3. Increase Intelligence

According to research conducted in Australia, these findings show that a person's body when in water with a height equivalent to the chest area, will provoke better blood circulation, including to the brain.

4. Healthy Heart

One of the important benefits of swimming is to maintain heart health. When swimming, the heart will be bigger so that it can support the pumping of blood which is then flowed properly to all parts of the body.

5. Practice Breathing

Swimming can practice breathing and strengthen the breath. By doing swimming and diving will make our respiratory system longer and more trained. This is very necessary because swimming requires a person to be in the water for a long time.

6. Extend Life

According to a study, swimming is one of the sports that can prolong life. In principle all sports produce health and prolong life, but swimming can be the best choice.

7. Reduce Stress and Depression

Swimming can reduce depression and stress levels because this exercise can be very relaxing. This is because the sound of breath and water can create a meditative atmosphere and make a person more focused. The atmosphere will make someone more focused.

8. Injury Rehabilitation

Regular swimming can have a dramatic effect on injury. The strain of the injured joint can be rehabilitated by the pull of the muscles while swimming. It is able to promote the healing of injuries experienced.

9. Better Body Shape

Swimming regularly can burn fat, and at the same time the muscles under the fat become toned and create a fitter and more satisfying body shape.

10. Post-surgery Rehabilitation

However, when the body is ready to be immersed in water, it is quite advisable to consult a doctor first because considering the condition of the water in the swimming pool which can create infection.

Actually, there are many more benefits of swimming. But in every benefit there must be a danger if it is done excessively or too often. So it can be a boomerang for yourself. I suggest that you keep your health a priority without having to force yourself.