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Love Is A Biological Process

Where can love grow and reside in a human being?

Yep, most of us must immediately reflex to say that love comes from the heart, and immediately point our hands to our chests.

In fact, love does not occur in there, if dissected, inside there is only a heart that is busy pumping blood flow and lungs that are inflated and deflated, there is absolutely no love there. It is true, that love comes from the heart, but "heart" Here is not something that literally has a physical form such as heart, lungs, and so on. The heart referred to here is the human soul, an embodiment of feelings, imagination, memory, thoughts, and human personality.

The heart that we have known so far, is not in the chest. In fact, the human heart or soul resides in our skull, in the brain to be exact. Everything we feel from "love," actually comes from reflexes and hormones that our brain produces, such as the tightness that occurs when we experience a broken heart. This happens because there are stress hormones produced by our brain, which in turn will affect our heart. Therefore, most of the conditions that we feel, especially those related to love will usually immediately have a certain impact around our chest.

Love also does not immediately grow in the heart of a human being. There are several stages and conditions that will be passed first, here are the stages and conditions that occur in the human body when falling in love:

1. The hypothalamus part of the brain begins to react

The hypothalamus is a brain structure that is responsible for maintaining a person's psychological stability. When we are in love, the hypothalamus produces the hormone dopamine, which causes the feeling of joy we feel when we meet someone we like.

2. Decreased serotonin levels in the body

Serotonin hormone is a hormone that is responsible for maintaining human mood. Increase its dopamine hormone, causing the human serotonin hormone to decrease. This results in the appearance of an obsessive attitude or infatuation with someone.

3. It produces NGF substances

Substance NGF (Nerve Growth Factor), is a substance that is one of the nerve growth factors in the human body. This NGF is generally more owned by people or couples who have just fallen in love, who are still in love. This happens because this hormone is closely related to human romantic feelings.

4. Produces the hormones oxytocin and vasopressin

This body condition usually occurs in couples who are married or are bound in a sacred relationship. Both of these hormones function to help and provide pleasure to humans when having sex with their partners.