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About Diets That People Rarely

About Diets That People Rarely
When we hear the word "diet" we usually immediately imagine food with minimal portions at exorbitant prices and mostly just tasteless green leaves. If you still think that people who are on a diet are generally only those who have problems with weight, you really need to read this article to the end.

What exactly is a diet?

According to the medical team (EGC) in 1994, diet is a habit or pattern of eating and drinking specifically designed to achieve certain goals. Diet means more about our habits of what we consume and consciously knowing that what we consume will have an impact on our bodies.

In short, diet is defined as our daily eating habits. When examined scientifically, diet is used in health terms to prevent oneself from certain diseases or just to maintain ideal body conditions. So far, we can conclude that dieting is not only to reduce weight (as we know in general), but also to prevent the body from certain diseases.

For example, there is a case of diet to prevent diabetes: "I'm on a carbohydrate (sugar) diet, here. Because yesterday when I was checked my blood sugar level was high. So, what should I eat?".

Here, usually the doctor/dietician will give advice not to consume white rice that is still warm, without having to reduce the portion (depending on the type of diet). Warm white rice—said by Dr. Ika Fitriana, in the article Healthy Info FKUI—can raise blood sugar levels than cold rice.

If you are in a certain condition that requires you to change your diet (diet), it would be nice to consult directly with an expert. Why? Because everyone has a different diet. It can be seen from the daily calorie needs (this is also considered by the weight or lightness of daily activities), the presence or absence of allergies to certain foods, gender and weight, and so on. The role of experts here will help us to know what foods we should avoid and what foods we should maximize appropriately.

Why diet is so complicated, huh?

If you want it to be simple, here I will share some diet tips that everyone can use to maintain a healthy body now and in the future:

1. Get used to drinking mineral water

It must be really boring to hear. But this is serious, drinking mineral water is the basis for sufficient water needs so that metabolic activities in the body can function properly. In fact, if you drink sweet iced tea when you are out with friends, you still have to drink water afterwards. This tea drink in chemistry, is a solution which is a mixture of water-sugar-and tea. You still need mineral water to neutralize this tea drink.

2. Consume less fast food

Food that is prepared at home is healthier (both in the body and in the pocket), because we know what ingredients are used and how to process them.

3. Reduce Sugar Consumption

"Sweet but Psycho" is real. Cut down on sugary foods and drinks. The explanation will be long if I write it here.

4. Walk After Eating

After eating, try going for a walk or doing some physical activity. According to a scientific journal published in PubMed Central, taking a walk after a meal can help the digestive system work optimally.

5. Eat and Drink Don't Stand Up

Apart from being considered impolite, from a medical point of view, it can cause digestive disorders. In a hadith narration it is also said that the prophet Muhammad SAW has forbidden to do both things.