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Reasons Why Cancer Sufferers Head Bald

Cancer sufferers head bald
One of the visible signs of cancer sufferers is a bald head. Although not all sufferers experience hair loss, this happens because of one of the effects of cancer treatment.

In addition there are also other effects of cancer treatment. Such as nausea, fatigue, decreased hearing loss, decreased sex drive, diarrhea, and changes in the skin and nails. However, the most easily seen is the hair that continues to fall out.

In general, there are two reasons why cancer patients are generally bald. First, because of cancer treatments and treatments that cause hair to become brittle and fall out.

Drugs and chemotherapy aim to kill cancer cells, and can also damage hair roots. So the sufferers decided to bald his head.

Some patients don't just lose hair on their heads. But also hair on other body parts such as eyelashes, eyebrows, armpit and pubic hair.

Hair loss due to chemotherapy does not last forever. After three to ten months of treatment and cancer treatment ends, the hair will grow again.

Hair may not immediately grow normally and thick, but over time the hair will grow as usual, even thicker.

The second reason, is that cancer sufferers deliberately make their heads bald. Even before the effects of cancer and treatment affect hair fertility.

Many patients admit that balding your head before your hair starts to fall out will make you feel more mentally and emotionally stable.

In addition, balding the hair before the hair starts to fall out also makes it easier to maintain. Because the condition of hair loss can create mental stress and requires extra time when the condition of the hair is always messy.