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Football scheme: if one team only strikers, only defenders, and only midfielders

Football scheme: if one team only strikers, only defenders, and only midfielders
In the game of soccer, we recognize four common types of positions. Goalkeeper players with the number one position, defenders that occur from center back and side defenders and wing backs, midfielders consisting of defensive midfielders, wing and attacking midfielders and forwards who are called attacking positions consisting of center attackers, wings and shadows.

If it is a little about the content of a football team consisting of many wars such as goalkeepers, strikers, back and midfielders. So, let's make a little analogy, if there is only one dominant role, the discussion will be below:

If the Team Only Strikers

Based on the existing analogy, the striker's position acts as a scorer from zero to one. They play a role in creating opportunities and assists in a match. In addition, they play a role as a finisher in playing football. The chances are only two goals or no goals. If this is analogous to a pure full striker team, then what happens is a weak defense, then the worst possibility is to play the game by grabbing each other, without anyone giving in. All are competing to score goals with their own abilities.

If Team Only Defenders

The defender position consists of wing back, side defender and center back. They act as stoppers and attackers to defend their area and the penalty box. Sometimes they can also be called Sweeper in certain positions. This defender also chooses various amounts depending on the formation. It can be 3-4-5. Another analogy is that if the team that is formed consists of only defenders, the rhythm of the ball automatically becomes boring, because they never attack, plus there are gaps in free space. The only best way to fight it is to do a counter attack.

If the team was just a midfielder

Midfielder positions consist of defensive, wing and attacking midfielders. This midfielder functions like a liaison between the midfield and the back line. However, the wing midfielder is tasked with widening the defense in order to channel the gastric bait. In this position an Attacking Mieldfielder or player number 10 performs the action to become the center of attack control. Even though it is considered a liaison, if it can be analogized that all the players are just midfielders, then what happens is that the opposing team easily attacks, because of the void in the back room which results in a weak defense and is broken into and then scored.

If the Team Only Goalkeepers

There's no need to discuss this, it's already clear one only. The uniform is the most different.

Thus a brief explanation of the soccer scheme consisting of one role in one team. In fact, modern football is a multifunctional football, can defend, can attack and can receive a pass. That's all that matters. So, cooperation is needed to create an interesting match. That's all from me and thank you.