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Explanation: Hole Plot, Armor Plot, Major Plot and Twist Plot

Movie plot is
Plot is a storyline in a film, anime, comic or novel. Simply put, the plot is a structure / framework that contains a series of events, starting from the introduction, conflict (problem), climax and completion (ending).

As we learned in school, plots are divided into 3 types, namely:

1. Plot Forward (Flash-foward Plot)
2. Reverse Plot (Flash-back Plot)
3. Mixed Plot (Forward and Backward Plot)

On this occasion I will focus more on discussing what Plot holes are to plot twists in a film.

1. Plot Hole

Plot Hole is a gap, or error in a story either in Novels, Movies or Anime. Usually the plot hole presents an event that goes against the flow of logic, or it can also be called an irrelevant (odd) and inconsistent story.

Or there is a character who is very great and can be said to be almost invincible, but suddenly the character dies without explaining why. "How can that be because of what?"

Yes, basically this plot hole is a hole in a story, where the hole is meant is incomplete or lack of explanation in a story.

Meanwhile, Cliffhanger / Open Ending is the writer who deliberately made the plot with the aim of inviting the reader to imagine and complete the narrative in the story.

In simple terms, I ask the reader to complete the story according to the reader's wishes or imagination (alternative story).

2. Plot Armor

Plot Armor is a protection that is given to a character indirectly. Plot Armor is made because of how important or influential a character is in a storyline.

With the Plot Armor, the main character or protected character will not die even though there is an event that threatens his life.

So even if you are beaten to a pulp, stabbed by a sword, plane crash, poisoned or hit by a meteor, with this plot armor the character will not or cannot die. Yes, the point is that the armor plot will not let a protected character die no matter what.

3. Plot Major

Plot Major / Plot Point is the core of the story or storyline experienced by the main character.

Usually this Major Plot contains the core story of all the events that occur in a story, by omitting some things such as additional characters or an event that does not have much effect on the storyline.

For example, the short major plot of the movie Titanic is:

"A man named Jack Dawson met a beautiful woman named Rose on a ship called the Titanic, the ship accidentally hit an ice rock causing the Titanic to sink".

4. Plot Twist

Plot Twist is a storyline that is deliberately twisted with the aim that the audience/reader is deceived, and surprised (unexpectedly) by the storyline that is happening.

In short, the plot twist is made to mislead the audience into assuming the wrong plot or character. For example, it is made so that the audience thinks that character A is the mastermind behind all the problems, but unexpectedly, character B is the main problem.

The point is that Plot Twist is made so that the audience/reader is surprised and does not expect the storyline that is going on and usually the plot twist is found at the end of a film.