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The Reason Why There Are Not Many Skyscrapers In Europe

The Reason Why There Are Not Many Skyscrapers In Europe
If you've been to Europe or are just looking through pictures, you probably won't see a lot of skyscrapers there. Yes, Europe does not have as many skyscrapers as countries in Asia or America. So, what makes Europe not have many skyscrapers? Check out the explanation below!

Continent of Europe is the most developed continent in the modern era. Europe has already built many modern buildings, although not skyscrapers. In building a building, Europeans pay attention to the value of the beauty of art in the architecture of the building. Even now, these buildings still stand strong and beautiful so that they can still be seen today.

Before skyscrapers began to be rapidly built in the 19th century, the European continent already had a dense population and many buildings were built for residential and other purposes. Due to the limited availability of land, not many skyscrapers were built in Europe. In addition, countries in Europe are also very concerned about historical values. They do not want to replace the historic buildings with new buildings.

Actually in Europe there are skyscrapers, but there are not so many. Building a skyscraper in Europe must also pay attention to the location of the construction because if you build a skyscraper in a place that is not supposed to be, it will damage the beauty of urban planning. Just imagine, if you build skyscrapers around the Eiffel Tower in Paris, of course it will spoil the beauty of the view of the Eiffel Tower, right?

Well, that's the reason why Europe doesn't have as many skyscrapers as in Asia or America. So, in Europe, many historical and beautiful buildings have been built. If a lot of skyscrapers are built, surely it will damage the historical value and beauty of urban planning in Europe.