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Stomach Ringing When Hungry, What's the Cause?

Stomach Ringing When Hungry, What's the Cause?
It is not unusual when we are hungry, then our stomach will growl. Or commonly called a rumbling stomach.

Apparently, this is due to the body's metabolic processes, you know. So, in the human body there is an activity where there is a process of digestion of food carried out by the intestines. We knead the incoming food, so that later it will be into small parts to separate nutrients and also metabolic waste.

The intestines continue to squeeze, even without food entering though. When food is kneaded, the rumbling sound will be muffled by the food. However, when no food enters the intestines, and there is only gas, then the rumbling sound will sound loud. This is what happens when your stomach rumbles.

However, this is a natural thing as the body's natural response when hungry, and requires food intake. So, when the stomach has started to sound, then you should immediately fill it with food.