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Reasons Why Women Have Difficulty Reading Maps

Reasons Why Women Have Difficulty Reading Maps
When traveling to a place with unknown directions with girlfriends or female friends, we will often ask them to read directions via map applications and location features, because we are busy driving a vehicle (both motorbikes and cars.

But not infrequently we still get lost and go the wrong way because they misread the directions, even though we have used the location feature and directions from Google Maps.

At first you might think that this is just a stereotype. Due to the fact that there are also women who can read maps properly. But behind all that, it turns out that there is a scientific reason why women tend to have difficulty reading directions on a map.

Based on research conducted at the University of Illinois, United States, it was revealed that the reason why women find it difficult to read maps is because of differences in spatial ability between men and women. Spatial ability itself is the ability to understand the relationship between objects, spaces, and places.

This difference in spatial ability is influenced by the hormonal system. Because the testosterone hormone that is owned by men is higher, so that the right brain function of men becomes more optimal and tends to be better in terms of navigation.

Another factor that can influence this is experience. Many women have absolutely no problem reading maps, because they have done so many times.

But the problem is, there are not many opportunities for women to use maps, especially for those who are protected by their families for security reasons. So it is rare for women to travel independently by relying on google maps to find a way.

Those are some of the reasons why women tend to misread maps. With this article, it is hoped that men out there will understand if their boyfriend or sister is not good at using maps. They are not like us who are trained to use maps because they often play GTA or Basara on PS2.