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The Story of Australia's Centuries of Cruelty to Aboriginal Ethnics

The Story of Australia's Centuries of Cruelty to Aboriginal Ethnics
During the "Carnaval of Crime" crime in England increased and the prisons were full. Britain also could no longer throw prisoners into the Americas because America had liberated itself from Britain. Finally, Cook's navigation in 1770 which re-discovered Australia opened a gap to control the continent as Australia's.

The arrival of the James Cook ship in 1770 marked the beginning of the British claim to Australian land. The ship, which was originally an expedition to find new lands, eventually became the first round of colonization of Aboriginal tribes. With the discovery of gold mines more and more British immigrants came and plotted land for migrant settlements. These plots often intersect with Aboriginal customary lands.

At the beginning of the occupation, the British carried out a massacre in 1806. Hundreds of indigenous people were shot and beaten to death. It was recorded in an Independent newspaper report in 1997, there were many cases of rape that eventually spread deadly diseases to Aboriginal tribes.

The white people wanted to rule over mainland Australia and get rid of the Australian aboriginal tribes. They broke up the bloody conflict because they treated the indigenous tribes badly. In the Australian colonial archives it has been confirmed that from 1824 to 1908, at least 10,000 Aboriginal people were killed. The archives also mention that several victims died because they were "toys for the white nation".

Based on Darwin's theory of evolution, the British saw the Aborigines as an undeveloped human species. In 1890 the vice president of the Royal Society in Tasmania, James Barnard wrote, "This process of extermination is an evolutionary principle and it is the strong that live on".

The result of this racist view is that the Aboriginal tribes are massacred in groups. Several decapitated heads were stuck at station doors, poisoned bread was given to Aboriginal families and many of them were used as experimental animals.

At the beginning of the 20th century, the atrocities against the Aborigines continued. Mass killings were systematically carried out by carrying out a policy of 'Business'. Aboriginal tribes are considered to be left behind by civilization, because they choose to live in the wild or wear makeshift clothing.

This Assimilation Policy is enforced by force. In the period 1910 to 1970 more than 100,000 Aboriginal children were forcibly taken from their parents to be paired with white adoptive parents. They need to speak English and get rid of all Aboriginal culture.

For Indigenous men who resist assimilation, the police have the right to beat him, even as this imitation occurred until 1970. Judge Ronald Wilson's report also stated that discriminatory and genocidal practices were carried out even after Australia voluntarily signed the 1948 UN Charter international treaty.

On March 31, 2014, Aboriginal tribes expressed their desire to be independent from Britain. They wanted to end more than 200 years of colonial rule, by sending a letter to Queen Elizabeth II and the Australian government.

A declaration of the formation of the state of Murrawari which is the home of the Aboriginal tribes has also been carried out. Previously the Aboriginal sovereignty movement in Australia was seen in 1972. An Aboriginal Camp Embassy Movement group supported indigenous land rights and expelled the British who never had legal control over the Australian continent.

The Australian scandal shocked the world, after the May 24, 1997 edition of the Independent Newspaper published a lengthy report on evidence of British colonialist atrocities against Aboriginal Tribes. This 700-page report was compiled by former Chief Justice Sir Ronald Wilson.

After several gold mines were discovered in Western Australia in 1851, more and more British immigrants arrived. The colonial government acquired land for settler settlements. This policy often intersects with Aboriginal customary lands. Bloody conflict broke out.

The first massacre case, based on Ronald's data, occurred in Tasmania in 1806. Hundreds of indigenous people were shot or beaten with sharp objects to death.

There are also recorded cases of rape of Aboriginal women that have an impact on the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases. Diseases common to whites, but deadly to Aborigines like influenza, can trigger outbreaks.

The Australian Colonial Archives confirms that between 1824 and 1908, at least 10,000 Aboriginal people were killed. That's beyond natural death or other causes.