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5 Games whose releases were delayed by years!

LA Noire
The process of making and developing games does take a very long time. Especially for AAA games, the manufacturing process is very complicated and takes a lot of time.

With the exception of sports games that are released every year, many developers take years for their games to hit the market. Sometimes even the process of launching a game title, must experience various delays before it can be played by fans.

So it's natural that some games are often delayed in their release. But if the delay can be years, even up to a dozen years, is it still reasonable?

Curious about some game titles whose releases have been delayed many times?

1. Mafia II-6 years

Reaping success in the game Mafia, which was released in 2002, made 2K Games want to develop a sequel to the game. They finally announced that the Mafia II game project , they were developing in 2004.

Throughout the development process, this game encountered various problems in terms of engine. Even this game development process has been delayed for years. In fact, because of the long process of making this game, 2K Games, which originally wanted to launch this game for Playstation 2 and Xbox, had to release this game for PS3 and Xbox 360.

After being delayed several times, 2K Games said that the game was ready to be released at the end of 2009. However, Mafia II 's release was delayed again, and was only ready to be released to the market in August 2010.

2. LA Noire-6 years

Although LA Noire received a good response from fans, the process of developing this game was very long. First announced in 2005, this game was only able to slide into the market in 2011.

At least LA Noire was recorded three times had to experience delays. First Rockstar Games announced this game was ready for release in 2008. Then it was delayed until 2009. After that it was delayed until 2010, and finally succeeded in releasing in 2011.

The process of filling in the voice and motion capture, is predicted to be the cause of the delay in the development process of this game. LA Noire has a total of over 20 hours of dialogue, performed by 400 different voice actors. The game also uses MotionScan technology, which uses 32 different cameras to record the expressions of the game's cast.

3. The Last Guardian-7 years

The Last Guardian is an action-adventure game published by Sony Interactives Entertainment. Even though it has Sony as a publisher, it doesn't mean this game is free from problems. The process of developing this game is quite long, reaching 9 years.

Sony announced this game at E3 in 2009, and planned to release it for the Playstation 3 console. But in fact, The Last Guardian only released in 2016 and came out for the Playstation 4 console.

The game also suffers from several delays, due to various reasons. One of the main causes is the conflict between Team Ico, as the developer, and Sony. In addition, this game also had problems when moving from Playstation 3 to Playstation 4.

4. Team Fortress 2-8 years

Valve first announced Team Fortress 2 at E3 in 1999. But in 2000, they said they would delay the game's launch. After not being heard from for 6 years, Valve finally provided information in 2006 regarding this game. Finally Team Fortress 2 was successfully released to the market in October 2007.

During the development process, Valva reportedly created four different versions of this game. That is the reason why this game has been delayed for years. In addition, Robin Walker and John Cook, as the developers of this game were appointed to work on another Valve project, and make this game even longer to release.

5. Duke Nukem Forever-11 years old

Talking about a game that has been delayed many times, it's not complete without discussing Duke Nukem Forever. It was first announced in 1997, but this game only launched into the market in 2011. This means that the development process for this game has taken 14 years.

For so long, Duke Nukem Forever won an award from the Guinness World Record as the game with the longest development process.

There are various reasons why the release of Duke Nukem Forever has been delayed several times over the decades. For example, this game has changed engines many times, from Quake II Engine, Unreal Engine, to Doom 3 Engine, all of which have been tried.

In addition, 3D Realms, as the developer of this game, had a shortage of people to work on this game. Even so, in 2003 there were only 18 people working on this game in full.