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How to Choose Perfume Through Aroma Concentration Level

Perfum aroma
There are many perfumes from various brands that you can choose from, but do you know how to choose the best perfume? Well, if you're still confused about how to do it, take a look at this article! Here are some tips for choosing perfume.

This concentration is the resistance of the fragrance of the perfume when used. The higher the concentration, the longer the fragrance will last.

This is the concentration level of Perfume.

Extrait de Perfume

It is the highest level of perfume concentration reaching 15-40% and the most expensive because it has the most essential content. For its durability, it can last up to 6 to 8 hours without reducing the aroma from the first use.

For those who have sensitive skin, it is advisable to choose Perfume as a choice of body fragrance, because Perfume contains less alcohol than other types of body fragrances. So it is less likely to dry out the skin.

Eau de Perfume

EDP ​​concentration a level lower than Extrait de Perfume. Has a concentration level of 10-15%. This fragrance lasts 4-6 hours.

How to use this type of EDP fragrance really needs to be considered so that the aroma really comes out. Its use is enough to apply a small amount on pulse points such as on the inside of the wrist, inside the elbow, neck, behind the ear, or behind the knee. These points will have a higher body temperature, which will help spread the scent of perfume throughout the body.

Instead, apply a moisturizer or lotion that can keep the skin moist, before you use this type of EDP fragrance. The reason is that moist conditions on the surface of the skin can hold the scent of perfume longer than just using it directly on dry skin.

Eau de Toilette

Has a concentration of 4-10%, suitable for those of you who don't like concentrations that are too low or too high. Perfume with this concentration can last 2 to 3 hours of use. Be a very neutral concentration.

Eau de Cologne

It has even lower concentration. The concentration only reaches 2-5% and can last for 2 hours. However, this is the type of perfume that is perfect for those of you who don't want to spend too much on a budget. Because products with this concentration are priced at quite affordable prices.

Eau Fraiche

The last level of perfume is Eau Fraiche which is similar to Eau de Cologne because the fragrance will last up to 2 hours. This Eau Fraiche has a lower fragrance concentration than EDC, which is usually only 1%-3%. Eau Fraiche has a low concentration of fragrance, not high alcohol content, but contains a lot of water. The scent of this Eau Fraiche is usually simple and refreshing. The price is cheaper and can be used at any time, including during sports or during other active activities.

Simply put, you only need to have at least two different levels of perfume in your closet. One type of perfume with a formulation that can be used on the body, and the other is a perfume that can be used on heat points or pulse points.